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Succession of Principals

Jan-2020 to Till Date

Dr. V. R. Jyotsna Kumari
Duration: 14th Jan 2020-Till Date

2nd Jan-2020 to 14th Jan-2020

Dr. Ch. Tulasi Masthanamma(FAC)
Duration: 2nd Jan-2020 to 14th Jan-2020

Nov-2019 to Jan-2020

Dr. Ch. Pulla Reddy (FAC)
Duration: 15-Nov-2019 to 02-Jan-2020

Oct-2019 to Nov-2019

Sri. R. Bhaskar Rao (FAC)
Duration: 16-Oct-2019 to 15-Nov-2019

Sep-2018 to Oct-2019

Dr. Ch. Pulla Reddy (FAC)
Duration: Sep-2018 to 16-Oct-2019

Aug-2018 to Sep-2018

Sri. R. Bhaskar Rao (FAC)
Duration: Aug-2018 to Sep-2018

Oct-2017 to Jul-2018

Dr. Ch. Pulla Reddy (FAC)
Duration: Oct-2017 to Jul-2018

Feb-2014 to Sept-2017

Dr. L. Sasi Bala
Duration:Jan, 2014- Feb, 2014(FAC)
Duration:Feb, 2014- Sept, 2017

June-2008 to Dec-2013

Dr. N. Geethanjali
Duration:June, 2008 - Dec, 2013

Dec-2007 to June-2008

Sri. M. Prasada Rao (FAC)
Duration:Dec, 2007 to June, 2008

Sep-2004 to Nov-2007

Smt. V.O. Bhaktha Kumari
Duration:Sep, 2004 - Nov, 2007

June-2004 to Aug-2004

Sri.B.Hanuma Reddy(FAC)
Duration:June, 2004- Aug, 2004

Nov-2003 to Feb-2004
Feb-2004 to May-2004

Duration:Nov, 2003-Feb, 2004
Duration:Feb, 2004-May, 2004

April-2003 to Oct-2003

Smt. G. Sulochana(FAC)
Duration:April, 2003-Oct, 2003

Sep-2002 to March-2003

Duration:Sep, 2002-March, 2003

Sep-2001 to Aug-2002

Smt. S.C.Indira Abhayam(FAC)
Duration:Sep, 2001-Aug, 2002

May-2000 to Aug-2001

Smt.B.Suvarna Latha
Duration:May, 2000-Aug, 2001

Feb-2000 to May-2000

Smt.C.Vijaya Neelagreevam(FAC)
Duration:Feb, 2000-May, 2000

July, 1985-June, 1998

Sri.M.Rama Rao(FAC)
Duration:Sep, 1999-Feb, 2000

June-1998 to Aug-1999

Smt.K.D.S. Kusuma Kumari
Duration:June, 1998-Aug, 1999

July, 1985-June, 1998

Smt.O.Vijaya Lakshmi
Duration:July, 1985-June, 1998


Duration:Sep, 1989-July, 1980
Duration:1947-1950 (First Principal from the old students girls college)

July-1988 to Aug-1989

Duration:July, 1988-Aug, 1989

March-1988 to July-1988

Sri. G. Venakata Ratnam(FAC)
Duration: March-1988 to July-1988

Nov-1986 to Feb-1988

Sri.A.Surya Narayana
Duration:Nov, 1986-Feb, 1988

Aug-1986 to Nov-1986

Smt.K.Hema Latha
Duration:Aug, 1986-Nov, 1986

Dec-1982 to Aug-1986

Smt. A.S.Savithri
Duration:Dec-1982 to Aug-1986

June-1979 to Dec-1982

Smt. R.Kasturi Bai
Duration:June-1979 to Dec-1982

June-1972 to June-1975

Smt.K.Hema Latha
Duration:June, 1972-June, 1975

July-1969 to June-1972
June-1975 to March-1979

Duration:July, 1969-June, 1972
Duration:June, 1975-March, 1979

1965-July to 1969

Kum.K.V. Shivangini
Duration:Feb, 1965-July,1969

1958-June to 1960

Smt. SharadaBai Venkata Swamy
Duration:July, 1962-Dec to 1964

1960-July to 1962

Kum .B.Pankajam
Duration:July, 1960-July to 1962

1958-June to 1960

Smt.T.V.Vasundara Devi
Duration:July, 1958-June to 1960


Kum. N. Ammani Amma




Smt.G. Sankunni


Kum.P.Seethmmal First Principal, (Govt.College for Women)
Duration:Feb, 1953-Aug, 1953


Smt. C. Sarojini Rao First principal, (Lady hope Municipal College)