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To improve and sustain the qualitative potential of the institution through continuous monitoring and guidance


- To monitor and guide for the designing of an outcome based curriculum
- To fortify teaching and learning for promoting creative and critical thinking skills through student centered methods
- To strengthen assessment for skill oriented learning
- To enhance research temper and expertise for consultancy
- To promote the welfare of society through collaborative extension services
- To create an awareness and responsibility about ecology, human values and professional ethics

About IQAC:

Internal Quality Assurance Cell was established after the first cycle of accreditation in 2006 and since then IQAC has been monitoring the developmental aspects of the Institution. After the second cycle(2011), with the achievement of autonomy, the responsibility of the Cell has grown manifold with the new Assessment and Accreditation Process and the guidelines announced by NAAC.

In coordination with the Academic Council, COE and UGC and other important bodies and departments IQAC monitors various aspects related to the internal quality and guides the departments for quality initiatives and suggests ways to promote quality in the institution.

IQAC Committee

1. IQAC Chair Person : Dr. V. R. Jyotsna Kumari, Principal
2. IQAC Co-ordinator : Dr. K. Vijaya Babu, Vice Principal
3. Dr. N. Santhi Sridevi (Academic Council)
4. Dr. K. Sucharitha (UGC)
5. Dr. S.L.B. Sankara Sarma (Advisor)
6. Dr. M. Praveena(C.O.E.)
7. Mr. G. Gopala Krishna(A.O.)
8. RJDCE (Ex-Officio) / Academic Cell-CCE
9 Dr. B. Vara Lakshmi(Professor and Alumnus)
10. Sri Siva Rama Krishna (Chartered Accountant)
Additional Coordinators :
1. Dr. M. Naga Prasanna
2. Mrs. K. Deepthi
Student Members :
1. Ms. Sk. Rehana (Student Union President)
2. Ms. Tulya Sri (Secretary)
3. Ms. Dayaseela (Joint Secretary)
Capacity Building Team :
C-I & C-II : Dr. N. Santhi Sridevi (Academic Co-ordinator) and Mrs. N. Praveena Kumari (C.O.E)
C-III : Dr. N. Ankamma
C-IV : Dr. Ch. Sudhakar Reddy and Dr. G. Siva Prasad
C-V : Mrs. K. Aparna Seetharam (JKC Co-ordinator), Dr. K. Sujatha (WEC) and Mrs. M. Indiramma (Student Council)
C-VI : Dr. Ch. Sudhakar Reddy (RUSA, RTI)
C-VII : Dr. B. Venkateswara Rao and Dr. M. Naga Prasanna
Dr. G. Padmini Devi (DRC)
Mrs. D. Uma Nischal (WEC)
Mrs. D. Vijaya Sree (GRC and ICC)
Mrs. M. Kamala Karuna (Hostel)
Mrs. M. Vijaya Lakshmi, Dr. S. Priyanka (NSS), Uma Nischal(NSS)
Dr. B. Latha (NCC)
Ms. G.V.S. Pranayani Devi(Website)
Mrs. V. Padmavathi and Mrs. N. Rajya Lakshmi (SSS and Feedback)
Honorary Advisor : Prof. Leela Mohana Rao

Seven Criteria for Assessment:

I. Curricular Aspects
II. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
III. Research, Innovations and Extension
IV. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
V. Student Support and Progression
VI. Governance , Leadership and Management
VII. Institutional Values and Best Practices